Saturday, July 01, 2017

Chess App for the Chess Warrior

Posted by GilaChess

We all know the essential apps you can have on your PC and that's Chessbase, Fritz or some other engine app. Maybe an endgame table base to complement Chessbase. Skype and messaging software if you are getting online coaching and that's it.

What about on the handphone and tablet platform? I did a quick Google search and it came up with useless results. Even the 8 best chess apps recommended by was rubbish in my humble opinion. One of them was chess wallpaper app. Really?

For me these are what I think are essential for the gila chess warrior:

Follow Chess

Important if you want to keep up with the latest games being played live all over the world.

Analyze This

Also written by the same talented Follow Chess programmer this app integrates well with Follow Chess allowing you to analyse any game being watched on Follow Chess. You can also cut and paste other games you found from other sources to be analyzed using different engines. There is a paid and free version. Basically the paid one allows you to add and use more engines of your choice but the ones in the free version is already more than enough in my opinion.


This one I recommend whole heartedly as it actually helped me win RM 600 in a rapid event letting me prepare against many strong opponents. I even got a favourable position against WGM Irene Sukhandar which I of course squandered and lost in the end. But the point is, I got a good opening positions in many cases just by last minute reference to this app before the game.

Of course honorary mention to AI Chess for our very own local chess app database to book up on our own chess player (whose game you may never find in Chessbase). Sure, the app lacks polish and features of other chess programs but it is useful for local preparations.

These are what I feel are the essential apps for Android users but if you feel I have missed any please do tell me!