Friday, April 28, 2017

Getting to Selangor Open @ Cititel MidValley by KTM

Posted by GilaChess
I took the KTM train because I wanted to avoid the hassle of the finding parking space at Cititel Mid Valley. Also my place was only 6 minutes away from the Shah Alam station. However the entire trip too 2 ½ hours !! 

This is not chess related but a travel tip I hope will help those in the same boat too. I advice those who want to travel using KTM to download an app which has the KTM travel times. I only did it too late when I was waiting for the train at the station.

It did predict that my time of arrival to Cititel was 3:28pm and it was surprisingly accurate as that was the exact time I exited the train at Mid Valley station.
For example, it I were to take the train again, the travel time could be as short as 43 minutes instead of the 2 and half hours I suffered yesterday.