Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Chess Software from Facebook

Posted by GilaChess

I was "sucked in" to a FaceBook group selling chess software. I wasn't interested but didn't leave the group because I was curious.

For example the latest and at this monent, most powerful engine in the world, Komodo 8 is available there. The cost (after conversion) only RM 21.40.

The official website selling it is USD 59.96 which is about RM 215. So you can get it for only a tenth of the official site price. Amazing !

Of course, it's pirated and I do not want to highlight that page here but most local chess Facebook users here already know it as they were unwillingly added to it too. So I won't highlight the actual address.

It contains literally almost every major chess software you can think of. From the proof of receipts and postal receipts on the FB page it looks like the owner is doing brisk sales. :)


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