Monday, October 07, 2013

Chess Notebook Alert! Now is the worst time to get a Notebook

Posted by Andrew Ooi

You want to buy a new notebook for chess?

Nine times out of ten I guarantee you will regret buying a new notebook for chess (or any other purpose) now.

The reason is that the new Intel processors that are coming out, namely the Haswell processors are incredibly power saving giving  any Haswell notebook a whopping 10+ hours of daily use. You do not need to bring your power cables with you anymore!

We have already seen this in the new Mac Book Air 2013 models which can achieve 10-12 hours. So if you were to go out and just buy a non-Haswell notebook that can typically run only 3-4 hours, you will be in for a big disappointment when the Haswell are sold en-masse.

The good thing about the new Haswell processors are they are inexpensive and do not cost more than the previous generation models they are replacing.

For me, personally I am eagerly waiting for the new Haswell Mac Book pro which are rumoured to be coming out this one or two weeks.

The Haswell processor is still slowly being rolled out  but a few brands are already implementing the Haswell processor. The latest being Samsung. So please, don't just buy any new notebook. Look and see if it has the new Haswell processor.

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Jimmy Liew said...

But they say the best time to buy a notebook is when you need it. So how?

GilaChess said...

Ok lor.. if you HAVE to get it now go ahead and get it now..

But I still recommend the wait which is only one or two weeks.

If you still insist on NOW, just go out and get the Samsung or Mac book airs which are already Haswell enabled.

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