Saturday, October 15, 2011

Please sir can you give me the results?

Posted by GilaChess
Believe it or not that's how I asked for results from chess organisers in 1999 when I started my chess blog. Back then it was not GilaChess yet but called Chessnut at a free webhost space on

Sounds like begging doesn't it? Back then local chess websites were rare with exception of the many tournament blogs started by Quah Seng Sun.

Fast forward more than 10 years and sadly, I find that even though there are as many as 30+ chess blogs in Malaysia, chess bloggers are still begging for the results in some tournaments.If you see bloggers putting up blurry camera shots of the results it means they did not get the results too and most probably they don't want to beg for the results and taking picture of the paper is the fastest way to get the results out.

Is it so difficult to send the results via email? Even better, just publish the results to

Sad isn't it? Bloggers do what they do without hoping for any monetary compensation. All this is done for the love of the game. Also when the organisers want publicity, chess bloggers do the promotion for them but when bloggers ask for the results, we don't get it! Of course not all chess organisers are like this but there are those who simply think that once the event is over, their job is complete. Heck cares about the whining bloggers waiting for results.

For me, I try to remember chess organisers like these and will probably give them the same "karma" when they want the same publicity next year.

P/S: I respect organizers that always make sure I got the results. Without asking they say something like "Here. take this thumb drive and copy the results" or "check your email, already sent".

The flip side is those organizers who treat us worse than beggars. Even after asking for the results, there is no reply.


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