Thursday, February 25, 2010 down for a while

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Got this message from Exabytes, my webhost. All my domains connected to including will be down for a while:-

Dear Andrew Ooi,
This is the last reminder that your Linux shared hosting services will be migrated to the new data center on the 24th Feb 2010. Please find below the additional details concerning the migration:
Actual physical server migration date / time: 9.00pm GMT+8 24 Feb 2010
Expected Interruption hours: 5 - 9 hours (9.00pm 24 Feb 2010 – 6.00am 25 Feb 2010)
Activity Progress Sheet
1.We will power down the server at the existing data center.
2.Wrap and pack the servers nicely to avoid any hardware issue during the servers transportation to the data center (from Cyberjaya to AIMS KL data center)
3.Un-wrap the server upon our arrival at the new data center and conduct a power test at the data center staging room to ensure there’s no power issue which may possibly trip the data center’s power source. Server will be shut down once again upon the successful power test.
4.We will rack the server into the server rack and power up the server.
5.We will start the IP renumbering on the server once the server is powered-on at the server rack. We expect to take about 30-45 minutes for each server renumbering to complete.
6.The entire migration process complete.
IP Renumbering / Changes FAQ
Server Name: Platinum2 (No Changes)
Current IP address:
New IP address:
1.If you are subscribing for 3rd party DNS services which redirects your domain Internet traffic to your shared hosting account (for Web ,FTP ,Database connection or Email), you will need to login to the 3rd party DNS service provider control panel to update the IP addresses to point to the new IP addresses as above on the 25 Feb 2010. For domains runningSSL certificates, we will reassign a new dedicated IP for your domain in which you can check this by login to the cPanel control panel after the migration is completed.
2.All Web Services, Email Services, FTP services, SSH and cPanel Control Panel will be changed to the new IP address as above.
3.DNS Name Server IP will be changed. As you are using our pair of shared hosting name server *, we will update the IP from our end upon the completion of migration. There are NO changes required from your end for DNS name server IP.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Although we do run backup on our shared hosting server on daily basis, however, we do strongly recommend you to perform a full backup of your own website files and database to your local terminal before the migration date.
This data center migration exercise is mandatory as to allow us to serve you better. We appreciate your kind understanding and patience given to this migration exercise. If you have any concerns or questions with regards to this data center migration exercise, please contact us via
Yours sincerely,
Support Team
Technical Department


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