Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beautiful New Zealand and Chess

Posted by GilaChess


I know from some friends who have stayed in New Zealand for some time that it is a place of beauty. If you have watched Lords of the Rings trilogy you'll know what I mean as all three films were made there.

However, the biggest attraction for me to go to New Zealand is their New Zealand Chess Open. I got to know about this event thru Hilton Bennet a New Zealander who plays in the Malaysian Chess Open every year. So the attraction of New Zealand is two fold. I can visit their beautiful nature surroundings as a tourist and I can play competitive chess there too. Match made in heaven for a chess addict like me.:

Of course as a preliminary step, I've already checked on the many online offers for Auckland accomodationsWellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. A cheap but nice place to stay is essential. Also, the location must be near the tournament halls knowing how prone I can get being late all the time for a game.

I'll also try to find time and add to my stay there (perhaps one week extra?) to view New Zealand's culture, arts and entertainment.