Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another funny site

Posted by GilaChess

Once in a while I bump into a website that is wacky and weird. Bush League, is one such site. Thought weird, it is funny with it's humorous pictures and videos.  It's a little sexist but hey, what the heck, I don't care :)

Basically the pictures and videos are focused on sports and women. In short it's targeted at men’s lifestyle. They use the digg style of voting a story up or down. However for them they use the monkey icon "sweet" or "bush" to indicate "dig" or "bury" respectively. Sweet!

The content is definitely unique and I guess I'll be visiting this site daily to check out on any new goodies this site has to offer. It certainly beats YouTube surfing to find something entertaining to watch.

This one is worth bookmarking. There! I've bookmarked it as a blog post here :)

Here's a sample video I took from the site.