Friday, February 10, 2006

Opening repertoire

Posted by GilaChess
One of the biggest problems that I face is choosing a decent opening to play as White and Black. Even Grandmaster and Novices must figure out what openings to be part of their "Opening Repertoire". In the past I've played King Indian Defence (KID) for the Black side and employing KIA (King Indian Attack) as White because they have similiar strategies. This was in line with the ideas and suggestions presented by Raymond Keene in his book "Opening for you" or some title like that. GM Keene recommends the KIA and KID because it does not require rote learning or memorisation and more on general understanding and strategy. Recently however, I rarely play KIA or KID. I guess the main reason is that I found there is more fun playing 1.e4 as White and Benko Gambit type positions vs 1.d4 as Black. I think I will follow the strategy used by GM Drazen. Fun and Serious Opening Repertoire For example, he plays the "fun" Centre Counter/Scandinavian vs "weaker" players (less than ELO 2400) and the "serious" Sicilian Najdorf against stronger opposition. So the plan now is to find 2 openings vs d4 and 2 openings vs e4. One fun and one serious. I already have my "fun" repertoire so I will research more serious openings :)