Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Precious..

Posted by GilaChess
Got my second hand PDA. It's the Dell Axim X5.
  • Price: RM 390 (USD 104)
  • RAM: 32Kb
  • Extra peripheral: 256Mb SD card + WiFi card I'm pretty happy after testing it for a couple of days. The battery life is twice that of my previous PDA (HP IPaq 1940). The only thing I'm not happy is the size. It's huge compared to my sleek IPAQ 1940. Take a look.. Anyway, with my current budget I can't really complain. As a chess training tool, I've discovered that the PDA is invaluable (at least for me). I can 'train' during my commute to work on the LRT trains (about 40 to 60 minutes daily). I can also do my chess postings via PDA since it has a WiFi card. Now all I have to do is reinstall my chess related software such as:
  • Pocket Fritz 2
  • Pocket CT-Art
  • Pocket Chess Strategy

    Anonymous said...

    Dude, I want one of these man! Problem is, I have trouble finding a cheap second hand pocket pc. Any ideas?

    GilaChess said...

    Are you from Malaysia?
    If yes try
    That's where I got mine.

    If you are not from Malaysia, try :)