Friday, April 29, 2005

Memang Gila

Posted by GilaChess
Royal Selangor Open 2005 first round What was I thinking of? The Royal Selangor Chess competition takes up 5 days and I didn't even apply for leave from work. Stupid as I was I registered. True to my nickname GilaChess, I can't resist chess. Anyway did all of this during lunch and even managed to play half a game in the first round against Kamaluddin Yusof - winner of the last 2 major weekend tournaments (Klang Parade and Seremban Parade Open). Knowing I was going to get crushed by Kamaluddin, I played "negative" chess. He opened with 1.e4 (true to his agressive style). 1.. d5. Centre Counter/Scandinavian. 2.exd5 Nf6 (now it's pure Scandinavian). 3. Nc3 (better and better - I always love to play against 3.Nc3) 3.. Nxd5. 4.Qf3! (a surprise! First time I face this move). 4. ... Nxc3 5.Bc4 (wow! he really is agressive). 5. ... e6. 6.dxc3 (Doesn't mind doubling pawns for piece activity) 6. .. Qf6 (Negative chess- exchange off the most active piece of my opponent since he brought the Queen out so fast). 7. Bf4 (avoiding the exchange temporary and bringing another piece out). 7. ... Bd6.(Now he cannot avoid the exchanges) The Queen, Bishop and Knight and a couple of pawns were exchanged and I resigned in an almost equal position as my break from office was over. Had to go to work. To be truthful, there is a huge chance I was going to be crushed in the endgame so no point dreaming of a draw against Kamaluddin. Overall it was a satisfying 10-20 mins. My strategy worked and I did not get crushed right out of the opening like my last 2 encounters vs Kamaluddin. So I am not as "Gila" as some people looking at my game may think :)