Saturday, August 31, 2019

Benefits of an AI Chess Coach

Posted by GilaChess

The coming of the AI coach is not on anyone's radar now except for the obscure post at

I just want to add there is an added benefit to the human coaches despite the perceived threat of AI replacing the human coach.

The human coach is still essential and the AI coach just acts as assistant. Particularly useful when doing remote coaching when geographical distance separate the coach and the student. Multiple AI coaches can be programmed individually for each student. Fine tuning and analysis of students wants and needs still require the human touch and decision. Working together the potential synergy of computers and human expertise can be fantastic if the AI coach ever comes to be.

Also when everything is online, rating facilities will reflect on how good the coach (human, AI or both) is or is not. Customers will flock to the perceived better coach.

I have to admit all the above is moot as something as a good chess Learning Management Systems (LMS) isn't yet present. Sure we have many attempts of chess elearning but many are not on level with the commercial LMS. However, new websites like from India looks promising although it's heavily reliant on human coaches and zero AI usage.