Thursday, July 25, 2019

Why analog watches not allowed?

Posted by GilaChess
Some people still can't understand why an analog watch is not allowed in a serious chess tournament today.

One possible protest:
"Come on, this is a freaking 10 year old Rolex. There's nothing digital about it!"

Here's why analog watches are not allowed. Take this Amazfit watch for example..

It uses 'Glonast' tech which just means it has a digital overlay screen. When Glonast is off, the watch looks like any ordinary analog watch. But it's actually a smart watch capable of receiving text messages via whatsapp, SMS, FB messaging etc.

Suffice to say it makes cheating in a chess tournament too easy.

This is not a concept watch as you can already buy it from GearBest (USD 149.99) . Link below:-

It's a cool watch. I am tempted to buy it as it has fitness tracking which includes tracking swimming activities.