Saturday, February 23, 2019

No Chess in Paris Olympics 2024

Posted by GilaChess
The Organizing Committee put breakdancing, surfing, climbing and skateboarding on the shortlist. The IOC will consider the proposal and must reach a decision by December 2020.
~ (FIDE on Twitter)
  • An olympic sport should be accessible to viewers that are not necessarily previously familiar with that sport. 
  • It should also have results that can be easily measured against future olympic games.

Chess definitely does not fit either of those criterias.

I'd probably be excited if chess had any chance of being a sports event in the Olympics probably 19 years ago when it was a demo sport in the Sydney 2000 Olympics. At least it still got into the SEA games. Also with eSports quickly monopolising interest, chess will have even slimmer chances to be considered  in future Olympics.