Thursday, June 07, 2018

Nifty chess app (scan to engine)

Posted by GilaChess

Probably one of the coolest app discovered last year during the Malaysian Open was the app. It takes a picture of a chess diagram and converts it into FEN position. What this means for example, is that I can take a picture of the current position shown on the projector and it converts it into a real diagram on the phone ready to be analysed by chess engines. Useful during the Selangor Open for example when you just want to know who is better without using your own brain :)

The app is very useful when scanning diagrams from books. You don't need to re-enter the position manually on computer. Just scan and you have it in your phone to study!

You can find the app on Google Playstore. Search for

P/S: please don't do this in the tournament hall as it's clearly against the tournament regulations to use a mobile device in the hall !