Sunday, April 29, 2018

Selangor Open Round 4 results going into Round 5

Posted by GilaChess
Top seed IM Pascua Haridas suffered a defeat vs FM Pitra Andika on board 3 in round 4.

On board 4, GM Villamyor Buenaventura drew with youngster Lye Lik Zang.

Round 4 results

15GMBarsov Alexei24113½ - ½3FMMiciano John Marvin226010
27IMNouri Hamed23493½ - ½3GMFominyh Alexander23916
31IMPascua Haridas24430 - 1FMAndyka Pitra221312
415Lye Lik Zang2183½ - ½GMVillamayor Buenaventura24272
53IMLlaneza Vega Marcos24221 - 0IMSenador Emmanuel23238
611Udani Ian22340 - 1IMDimakiling Oliver24124
79Roque Merben231821 - 02Kong Ren En180440
813FMSonjaya Deni220821 - 02FMNouri Alekhine188336
935Chan Sheng Yip188820 - 12Ng Tze Han218414
1046WCMChua Jia-Tien175020 - 12Cantin Loic218016

Top 2 boards with GM ended with draws allowing the gap to close and as a result Round 5 will see 7 players as joint leaders with 3½/4 points.

Round 5 top 10 board pairings are as follows:

Round 5 

16GMFominyh Alexander2391IMLlaneza Vega Marcos24223
24IMDimakiling Oliver2412IMNouri Hamed23497
312FMAndyka Pitra2213GMBarsov Alexei24115
410FMMiciano John Marvin22603Roque Merben23189
52GMVillamayor Buenaventura242733FMVillanueva Nelson208121
619Bagamasbad Efren212033FMSonjaya Deni220813
727Toh Joseph199433Lye Lik Zang218315
816Cantin Loic218033FMWiwatanadate Poompong205323
944Tan Kok Liang177033Chan Kim Yew214817
108IMSenador Emmanuel23233Navaratnam Rohan Shan Tze196329

Round 5, Board 1

Round 5, Board 3