Sunday, January 14, 2018

First time to KIMMA tourney

Posted by GilaChess
Missed last year's 1st editition of the KIMMA tourney for the simple reason I didn't know about it.

This year did not plan to go either unless someone 'ajak'. So happen the 'Chess Tourist' from Faccebook did, so I went.

Going alone, it was an adventure. I only knew it was somewhere near the old DATCC centre at Wilayah Kompleks so I started there. Spent 10 minutes time circling Wilayah Kompleks because I wanted free parking and not pay the RM10 at the nearby parking lot.

Using WAZE and Google Maps I found this place:

.. which turned out NOT to be the place.

Third time's the charm. Finally saw this place after figuring out which direction was which in Google Maps.

Some pictures from Round 2 and 3:

Kedai Catur boss - Muhammad Arshad

Chess promoter, DGT broadcaster Norazwan 'Shin Azwan'

Top seed IM Oliver Dimakiling

Group photo with the people from KIMMA

Malaysia's highest rated player IM Yeoh Li Tian

Evan 'The Beast' Capel

FM Lim Zhuo Ren

Francis Tan

Kamaluddin Yusof

IM Mok Tze Meng

IM Pascua Haridas

Lee Soi-Hock

long time local coach S.Balendran who has not played active chess for several years returns to play here.

FM Sumant

FM Kamal Abdullah

Steward Manaog

Teh Wee Zhun

Hamzah 'Ng6' Razali

Cheah Cheok Fung