Saturday, May 13, 2017


Posted by GilaChess
This happen weeks ago at the Selangor Open 2017 but it hit me today and I just have to share it lest it it be lost to memory :) (which would be unfortunate).

I was on my way out after taking some pictures for a break when one parent stopped me. Apparently a chess player was lying down on the stage and had fallen asleep there. (from the picture, right around where Hamid is standing). The games were going on and no one else noticed so I thought it was no big deal. Then the parent added that this player had started to snore. I couldn't believe it. Going closer and it was true. I heard snoring!

It was awkward. I am not an arbiter and with the on-going "skirt" fiasco going on, I didn't want to start another viral incident :) so I went to Encik Hamid to tell him. I was hoping that he would wake the player himself or have another arbiter to to this but alas he told me to wake him up.

So I did. He stopped snoring. Looked up and was disoriented. And when he knew where he was, he smiled and got up. He apologised and laughed it off. Crisis averted! No viral incident.

Will not disclose who this person was but I can say he is one of the top prize winners of the Selangor Open. (you know who you are!!)