Monday, March 27, 2017

Tak Ajak!

Posted by GilaChess

That's the social trend now when someone posts something delicious they had onto Facebook and friend reply with 'tak ajak' or boh jio (in Hokkien).

Initially, that's what I want to say when I was not invited for this year's Malaysian Chess Championship 2017.

First off I have to admit I am grateful, even though there was initial hint that I was to be invited, in the end that did not materialise. Grateful because it is pretty tiring travelling that far and I probably want to save my nowadays limited energy for the coming Malaysian Chess Festival.

In the past, I would have gone to the national level Championship voluntarily on my on cost. There would be a big deal of regret if I missed it, but those days are gone now especially with rising cost of maintaining my own website.

Still, that does not mean I won't go to any other chess event. I will continue going to events that sponsors me.