Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bought that "cheating" device

Posted by GilaChess
After the cheating is easy blog post, I did a little digging and was surprised how good the reviews over Youtube was regarding the DZ09 smart watch seeing it was a cheap Samsung Gear look alike clone Made in China.

Yes, I am a sucker when someone does a video review about a product and recommends it so I went ahead and bought myself the watch. No, it's not for chess cheating (heck I don't even play chess nowadays!) but I really want to experience the smartwatch for myself.

It is not surprising that it is getting favourable review because products like this leverages Google's Android play for smartwatch software which has really matured over the last 2 years. Apps are the heart and soul of any device. Also, the hardware is pretty decent.

I bought from a different seller (not the cheaper RM 51.99) because it is said there are two versions. The oem and "original" version. So I paid an extra RM20 to ensure I get the original full 240x240 pixel resolution instead of the OEM version 240x120. I am also getting an extra USB earphone with this.