Thursday, October 02, 2014

Usefulness of online forms

Posted by Andrew Ooi

I see chess organisers are getting better at using online forms for tournament registration. Example the form used in Stonemaster’s Sg Besar event.

Online forms are not difficult as in this case where a free service can be used. One popular service (and also used by Stonemaster) is

The big advantage besides having a nice and tidy participant list in electronic form, you can even import the participants particulars directly to Swiss Manager. This saves a lot of time particularly for organisers who are familiar with tedious process of “hand-keying” in the data from bits of papers everywhere.

Also it comes complete with validation making sure certain fields are compulsory etc.


I like the feature where you can upload your bank in slip as proof of entry fee payment.

I don’t want to use although it is easy and convenient, they do charge if you want to get feedback for more than 100 forms. This means the free version only allows you to capture maximum 100 entries. For more than 100, you have to subscribe to their service which starts at USD 9.95 a month.

I will try my hand at creating similiar online chess form registration as this is right my alley. Been creating forms for my last project for the whole of last year. Hopefully this can be automated and reused for other local tournaments too.