Saturday, March 29, 2014

DGT chess board for the patzer!

I know this one of the items in Chess Odyssey's bucket list and it happens to be on my most wanted list for chess gadgets too.

It's the DGT sensory chess board.

No I don't want it to play chess better or to connect it to online chess like ICC/Playchess and use a natural/real chessboard instead of looking at the computer screen.

I want it to broadcast live games. Broadcasting live videos of the players has been done countless of times. I just find it hard to broadcast the actual games itself. Now it is possible!!

The complete set with chess clock costs a whopping RM 5000 local price and I definitely can't afford that. So I found the alternative in eBay buying a used one for USD 835 (MYR 2700). Since DGT chess boards are hardy and maintain their excellent condition over the years, I don't mind getting a used one.

So, look forward for some live broadcast from this blog using the DGT board in the near future. Will be receiving the board from the US only in May.

I would love to combine a chess game broadcast with some chat boxes, chess engines as well as live video feed on the players. Or even better with live commentaries like the screen arrangement below:-

That will certainly enhance chess viewers experience on live games!

The chat box is an important feature as mistakes like wrong players or missed moves not picked up by the board can be feedback to the viewers or the other way round. Eg: the switched player names in the MSSM live broadcast could have been averted too if there was a chat box allowing the viewers who notice it to inform the broadcasters.

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