Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Chess game in a bar code

Posted by Andrew Ooi

You have seen the above code before I am sure.

I was just looking at the Penang Chess Open games that were just concluded on the computer screen and was wondering what was the fastest way to transfer the game from the computer screen to my phone so I can view it there. Main reason I was on my Mac and don't have Chessbase installed  but I have a couple of chess readers on my phone.

Anyway, I was curious if the entire game can be stored in a nifty bar code. It turns out it was possible !!

So if the game was encoded in the new QR Code which can be read by all Android or iOS phones with the correct free reader installed it is possible to "suck up" the game from your computer screen instantaneously right into your phone. Cool!

Anyway, if you have your trusted phone with the correct app installed, just hover the camera over the code above to see how fast and easy the game gets transfered to your phone.

Also, it would be useful if your chess reader on your phone supports cut and paste games, otherwise you can only see the moves in plain text (tChess Pro for the iOS is excellent for this)

I can imagine some useful application of this if used in chess books or magazines. You can transfer positions and games from print to your tablet or phones for analysis or playback immediately.
Only practical use of this I know of is a French chess magazine embedding QR codes in their magazines for chess games. These are  actually links to their website to view specific games. The QR code does not include the entire games and you would have to have internet access to view the link.