Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hottest Chess Event in town

Was in the vicinity of Shah Alam around the end of the Selangorku Battlechess tourney today so I stopped by to take some pictures.

It was literally the hottest chess event I've ever been to. Somehow I think the air-conditioning system broke down and the closed nature of the old Tengku Ampuan Shah Alam library exacerbated the condition further.

Anyway, it's a great challenge for chess organiser Fadli (aka Stonemaster) in handling the seriously bad situation. Although some players could not take the heat, I saw many strong player battling it out while fanning and sweating all the way. There were mistakes galore I am sure.  Zhuo Ren showed me how he dropped a Rook for nothing. I heard Magnus Carlsen went to India for conditioning to the climate just before the world championship. Probably today's heat conditioning for the players is taking it to the extreme :)

Here are some pictures from the event and a video at the end.

It was interesting as I got to see Anas return and playing on board one in the final round and met many chess friends. Left early as I had a dinner appointment.

P/S: Also one of the most unique chess results in local tournaments as one player  I know with 6 out of 7 could not finish top 5 as there were many other 6 pointers.

Also I must give chess players credit for their high level tolerance as conditions like these in any other sports would have seen participants walk out in mass protest. Syabas Malaysian Chess players!! :)

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