Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cloud for Chess


CDs and hard disk used to be my main medium for backup and storage for important files. Not any more.


Nowadays I realise everything I save goes on to the “cloud”. For example I find DropBox invaluable now that almost all my main files are kept there. All 9 editions of DATMO pgns are there. Most of my chess photos are there although not all as they are too big to be stored there. I have about 50Gb of storage on DropBox alone.  One huge advantage of using Dropbox is that I can access all my main files anywhere as long as I have internet. For example I can view all the chess games I have ever saved in PGN from any device like my phone, ipod, iPad or notebook. Dropbox keeps everything in sync.

One good news for me is that just a few days ago Flickr announced a whopping increase to 1Terrabyte for free and I am going to transfer most of my pictures there. I am happy because Flickr is my main online photo “storage” system I use besides Facebook.

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