Sunday, January 13, 2013

Removal of National Rating


Not our Malaysian National Rating but Singapore’s as reported by IM Kevin Goh’s Chess Site’s article.

So should we follow suite ?  It make sense since there is also the FIDE rated rapid and blitz category.  It makes sense for a small chess population like Singapore but I don’t think Malaysia should follow suit. For one thing we just don’t have enough FIDE rated tournaments here.

Then again we could make rapid and blitz events FIDE rated. Would that be more expensive for organisers and players?


Anonymous said...

Our national rating list should have a standard date to be released e.g 10th of Jan, April, July and Oct. This helps organizer to prepare starting rank easier, not wondering when the list will come up.

Anonymous said...

Official publication date: The National Rating List is published on Day 15 of every new Quarter i.e. 15 Jan, 15 Apr, 15 Jul, 15 Oct.

Unofficial publication date: On Day 15 of every new Quarter or few days EARLIER.



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