Saturday, November 24, 2007

Started a new blog

Posted by GilaChess
My original blog on Exabytes is really getting slow. It's so frustrating that I can't even load a page for the whole day.

I've finally decided to slowly move all my content to my instead of domain. Using a shared hosting service is a hit and miss kind of situation. You can either be lucky and hosted in a neighbourhood of good websites who don't suck up all the bandwidth or you can be really unlucky. Worse is if Exabytes comes over and blames you for sucking the bandwidth. I only have 100-200 visitors per day. Come on !! I don't have a forum or any huge bandwidth draining script.

Anyway no use complaining and the best thing to do is probably pay up for a better plan but I don't have the cash at this moment. Next year perhaps.

For now I can only switch over my blog to my faster server.