Friday, October 14, 2005

GilaChess vs Chan Tze Chen

Posted by GilaChess
I took part in the Chevrolet Open 2005. This tourney ran side-by-side the prestigeous Malaysian Open (won by wonderkid Wang Hao). The strength of opposition was of course much weaker (avg players ELO 1900-2000). This was my most satisfying game of the tournament as I got to take my revenge against Chan Tze Chen - a player I lost to in the Selangor Open 2005. It was a painful loss as I was winning in the end game but wanted to get fancy by sacrificing a piece to promote my pawn. It didn't work and I lost. Two months later, I get to take my revenge. Half an hour before the game, I saw the pairing and whipped out my old but trusty monochrome Palm PDA to review a variation a friend of mine recommended. Of course I did not use the PDA during the tournament but it was a great help to jog my memory.