Monday, January 10, 2005

Posted by GilaChess
It took 3 whole days but I've finally finished writing some customised script for my new Chess website. I was a PHP programmer but nowadays my full time job is doing Java. So I was a little rusty writing PHP again. My website uses PostNuke which is CMS (Content Management System) which makes it easy to maintain a website without any knowledge of HTML. My old chess website started in 2001 and slowly grew to have a loyal following of chess enthusiast from Malaysia. Check out this link. which is a page that has chess diagrams - all without any technical graphics knowledge or even HTML. Here a video on how "easy" it is to post a Chess Diagram. BTW this website not a commercial website - it is fully paid by donations from Malaysians chess enthusiasts (aka GilaChess!)


Unknown said...

You video on how "easy" it is to post a Chess Diagram is actually
very difficult to understand.

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