Don't waste your money on FIDE online titles!

By GilaChess - April 02, 2024

 Aside from the lowest-level "FIDE Master" (FM), I think it's safe to say that I will never get any kind of "formal" FIDE title. I've been at ELO 1700 for most of my life. Today's new rating "adjustments," on the other hand, suddenly pushed me up to 1800 ELO. For an FM title, you need to have at least an ELO of 2300. You can get the title "CM," which stands for "Candidate Master," but I don't like it because that's the kind of title that kids often get at junior events.

Because of this, getting a "online" FIDE designation like AGM, AIM, AFM, or ACM is definitely attractive. All you have to do is play a few games to get a certain FIDE Arena online grade.

Based on their chart, my current FIDE Arena starting rating of 1793 puts me in the AIM power group. My only goal is to play 150 bullet games and keep my online rank at 1700. If you work hard and train enough, you could even win the AGM championship.

FIDE supports the title as "usable" because you are known for it and it shows up in your FIDE rating profile. In almost all FIDE-rated events these days, your title will show up next to your name in the main list or list of pairs.

But that's all the "recognition" that was given.

Titles from the FIDE Online Arena (FOA) aren't totally useless either. Based on real ELO ratings, not internet ratings, I think they should be ranked similarly to the official FIDE title on the following scale:

Keep in mind that FIDE doesn't talk about this scale anywhere on their website, so this is just my opinion based on how I think it looks.

Based on that measure, an Arena Grandmaster doesn't have much of a chance against a real FIDE Master.    

For the title, you also need to pay 50 EUR a year for the FOA registration. Two years ago, it cost 25 EUR.

As a club player, I don't think the titles are important at all. But I guess a lot of it also has to do with who you are. It might help if you're young and want to win your first title or if you're a parent who wants to help your kids get better at chess.

What the hell? As a challenge, I might try to get one of these jobs as a content maker and see how easy (or hard) it is to come up with interesting content! I'd like to hear your thoughts. Is getting an online FIDE ranking worth the cost of a subscription?

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