Can Tornelo deter cheating?

By GilaChess - September 28, 2021


One of my old posts was talking about how one can cheat in various ways over the board. It did start a lively discussion among people who included arbiters and chess players.

Eg: when the possibility of watches could be a cheating device, coincidentally it was already written into the rules that any watches were prohibited.

Well now, since Tornelo tournaments are bringing competitive chess possible and getting popular, I want to know what are the anti cheating measures. I believe it is tech that enables cheats. For example, a spy spectacle that also has a bone conducting feature makes it easy to cheat with an accomplice help. Tornelo measures are having 2 webcams (front and side) as well as requiring audio to be on. My question is how do they deter the spectacle cheats ? 

This is only a hypothetical but a very possible one. Also I can think of many others but will not put in print here as it would just be a source of tips for other cheaters.

If Tornelo cannot deter cheating using tech devices like these, then I assume there must be many undetected cheating occurences. Of course there is also the engine detection method based on the user moves but even that can be circumvented with careful manipulation of the engine suggestions.

Correct me if I am wrong please because I have not personally experienced how a Tornelo tourney is run.

(The above illustrated spectacles cannot broadcast and only record but there are ones that look like authentic specs and do broadcast audio and video)

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