Steps to convert CBV or CBH to PGN

By GilaChess - October 13, 2017

Been asked more than once this simple step of converting Chessbase format files (CBH or CBV) to PGN format. For this, you need one of the Chessbase family of products (eg: Chessbase 9-14. Fritz, Chessbase light etc).

1. Open the CBV or CBH file.

2. Select all the games. (Ctrl+A) or right click anywhere on any game and choose select all.

3. Copy all the games. Press Ctrl+C (or right click and choose Edit->Copy)

4. Create a new database (use the Menu top left button).

6. Name the file and choose "PGN files(*.PGN)" (in this example "firstfriday" ~ no need to type the extension .pgn)

7. Next dialog box, just choose Ok and you are done.

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