Wednesday, February 12, 2020

50 first dates with GACC

Posted by GilaChess
I love this romantic comedy movie and it's about Drew Barrymore who plays an amnesiac whose short term memory can only retain the last 24 hours and forgets everything the very next day. It's a beautiful and creative story which I really liked.

It's perfect to illustrate GilaChess relationship with GACC. For example, I've helped them in the early days when blogs and website were a thing and there were not many other than GilaChess and a few other blogs. So much so that GilaChess was chosen as "Web sponsor" and covered the event reporting on the many editions of GACC. But they (GACC) do forget the role the websites and blog play for publicity and left us out for some years. Who can blame GACC as they comprise university students who change every year and "memory loss" such as benefits and things that work previously is forgotten when the new batch of GACC takes over.

Last year I decided to remind them, and they did appoint GilaChess the old post of "web sponsor" so the event was covered in my blog and websites in 2019. As web sponsor the official website was created to post daily updates on the tournament.
As expected, without reminder this year, it was forgotten again. And I did not remind them and as such did not cover the event this year. There is no malice or ill feelings towards GACC but I just want to point out the weaknesses of not remembering. Not that blog coverage is important or anything. In fact I am relieved they did not invite me to cover the event this year. It's both expensive (in terms of time and effort) and without any monetary compensation (not that I was expecting it). I even let the website expire (too expensive to maintain).

This "amnesia" costs GACC. For example if they remembered to invite me, they would have free coverage and publicity without any cost (because I would do the grunt work for free). But that's not the only thing.

What I want to point out is that GACC managed to attract better sponsors in the past. For example, the closing ceremony dinner was sponsored by the Legend hotel and playing conditions were good to attract strong players. Because of this GACC bigger and far more successful. For example, they had top Russian GMs taking part in the inter-varsities event. I remember one was top 10 junior in the world. Even Wang Hao took part in one of the years. There was this successful formula in attracting top talents but sadly what worked then was forgotten or lost. They cannot replicate it in the later years which is a shame.

The formula today is not bad. It's sort of like a mini Malaysian Open. We have the age group, blitz, inter-varsities and the team event is especially popular based on the successful Merdeka Team event which many love. But if you, like me remember the past, it was more exclusive and bigger then. Ah .. those were the days..

Just to reiterate, I bear no grudge against GACC not inviting me this year. Like I said, I appreciate the rest this year. Also, I wish GACC success for future editions! Probably one advice is to maybe remember what worked and what didn't and make future GACC better.

Also, watch the movie! Who knows. The solution at the end of the movie may apply and fix GACC current amnesia problem. I won't mention it here. I don't like to spoil!